The concept behind the development of our products is modularity. For this reason the products are always designed and developed to be fully integrated with each other.

The heart of our systems is the E-mix. E-mix is ​​a versatile digital matrix with a variable number of inputs and outputs (up to 12 inputs and up to 8 outputs) and is the result of years of research. E-mix has been designed to manage any type of audio source and, in its amplified version, is equipped with a variable number of power amplifiers (from 1 to 8) to meet every need. E-mix also features parametric filters and dynamics controls.

E-mix primary controls are accessible from the 4.3” touch-screen display integrated into the device. A 7” touch-screen display can be installed, as an option, via LAN cable. The editor with advanced features is available by connecting via PC.
By adding the ESS - E-mix Streaming System - module, it is possible to manage, in a completely automatic way (therefore without the need for an operator), up to eight cameras, selecting the content to be streamed in real time. The contents are in full HD quality. (1920x1080).

All our systems are fully controllable through the dedicated App

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